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Drama from Connemara

Curlew Theatre Company perform five ‘plays-for-voices’  devised, written, and directed by Eamon Grennan. Each of these takes a crucial element in Irish history and explores it in depth. The duration of each of these pieces in performance is about an hour.

The adaptation of Synge's Aran Islands offers an audience a glimpse of island life.  The piece on the Great Famine, Hunger, uses documentary evidence to give audiences a dramatic feel for what has been such a silent and traumatic element in our history. Emigration Road, explores a number of the iconic elements in the great wave of emigration from Ireland to the United States as well as looking forward to its presence as an aspect of contemporary Irish life. Ferry features five strangers, played by two voices, revealing fragments of their lives now left behind them, forming a collage meditation on life and death, and memory. Between short exchanges and longer soliloquies we get to know a little about these different, wounded lives. The Muse & Mister Yeats presents, one by one, the various women with whom W.B. Yeats was romantically involved. It sketches a portrait of Yeats-in-love.

The aim of our group is to produce performance pieces that rely almost solely on text and voice. With only two actors (playing many voices), a minimum of props, and not much stage “business,” these dramatic pieces explore in an immediate way their chosen subjects, seeking to bring everything down to a close, even intimate relationship between players and audience. By so doing, the issues (big, small, historical, political, personal), gain a recognisable human face and, most important--in the constant flow of talk, of language - an intensely human sound.

Plays for Voices

by Curlew Theatre Company

J.M. Synge - The Aran Islands

J.M. Synge's Aran Islands



Emigration Road

Emigration Road



The Muse & Mister Yeats

The Muse and Mister Yeats


The Muse and Mr Joyce


HISTORY! Reading the Easter Rising


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Curlew Theatre have performed throughout Ireland, toured in the U.S.A. and are willing to travel anywhere with these 'plays for voices’, supplying light, sound and stage set-up.



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