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Tegolin Knowland makes the women who inspired  many of Yeats's poems come alive before our eyes. Experiencing the poetry through the prism of these extraordinary women makes the poetry - and the poet - accessible as never before. An entertaining and educational piece of theatrical magic.
Joseph Hassett, W.B. Yeats and The Muses

Their work is truly a showcase for the Arts and should be seen by the ‘eyes of many in the world’.
Pat Mullan, Last Days of the Tiger

I highly recommend these Plays for Voices. Outstanding performances to packed houses at the Clifden Arts Festival. A very enriching theatrical experience, not to be missed. We were proud to have them on our programme.
Brendan Flynn (Director, Clifden Arts Festival)

These dramatic interpretations played by two voices, strike the right notes of profound tragedy and desolation in minds and hearts of audiences wherever there are played. Grennan, Knowland and Coyne have given the unspeakable a voice.
Joan Mc Breen (Poet and Anthologist)

"With the sparest of props, Seán Coyne and Tegolin Knowland put on a conjuring act in their dramatic performance of Syne’s Aran Islands and Hunger at the Yeats International Summer School, in 2010 and 2011. We eagerly await their return.
Professor James Pethica (Director, Yeats International Summer School)

In Hunger Knowland and Coyne briefly and evocatively made that catastrophic time live for our audience. They brought the Great Famine onto a bare stage and made the theatre resonate those bone-chilling events - it was one of the highlights of our year.
Joseph Lennon (Director Irish Studies Programme Villanova University)

Knowland and Coyne have an uncanny ability to lay bare with humour and insight  the all too human foolishness of Yeats in love - while at the same time drawing us into the poignant depths of his genuine love for both Maud Gonne and his wife George.  
Theo Dorgan (Poet)

On my regular visits to Connemara I never fail to enjoy and admire the wonderful work done by Sean and Tegolin. The Curlew Theatre Company is a priceless gem - long may it prosper !
Des Keogh (Actor)


From the Audience

“I listened, I felt it, I was held, I was moved.“

"These plays should be seen by the young, in secondary schools, then they would understand.“

"Thank you, that was my story you just told.”

“Now I understand the Famine.” 14 year old student

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