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The Muse & Mister Yeats



The Muse & Mister Yeats

A Play For Voices
Performed by Curlew Theatre Company
Devised and Directed by Eamon Grennan

First performed at Garrett FitzGerald Debating Chamber, University College Dublin - Thursday 17th October 2013

“Man is in love and loves what vanishes.”  W.B. Yeats

The Muse & Mister Yeats is a "play for voices"--performed by Tegolin Knowland and Seán Coyne, written and produced by Eamon Grennan. It presents, one by one, the various women with whom W.B. Yeats was romantically involved, each one chosen in her turn as his "Muse"--inspirer and receiver, that is, of some of his best-known lyric poems. By voicing a number of these poems, and by presenting the women themselves offering their own comments on their various "situations," the play sketches a portrait of Yeats-in-love. The critical book, W.B.Yeats and the Muses by the American Yeats scholar, Joseph Hassett, as well as various biographies were used as sources in the composition of this hour-long dramatic work.


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