Curlew Theatre

The Loves of Lady Gregory

A Play for Voices

Performed by Tegolin Knowland

Written and Directed by Eamon Grennan

First performed in association with Stonecoast Maine USA at The National Library of Ireland Kildare St Dublin First performed at Clifden Arts Festival - September 21st 2010
Lady Gregory Introduction

Most Irish people know a bit about Lady Gregory, Anglo Irish, The Ascendancy, The Big House, The Abbey Theatre, Coole Park, Yeats. Some even have read a bit or seen her plays (The Rising of The Moon). Since she lived from 1852 to 1932 she was a witness and participant in so much of our recent history. So what we do in this piece is try to touch on her private and public lives. 

Mostly we hope to let her tell some of her stories in her own voice. As with our other ‘plays for voices’ the aim is to bring matters of Irish History and Irish Literature to a convincing human level because they speak to us in an immediate and human way. In this piece also we use audio overvoice to colour our portrait, a small self-portrait of her ladyship.

Extract - Tegolin Knowland